World Traffic 3 Update Page

MAC Users - Note that the Mac version does not run for many users for often more than about 30 minutes. 
If you find that it crashes, rename the folder "XPlane\ClassicJetSimUtils\WorldTraffic\Sounds" to "XPlane\ClassicJetSimUtils\WorldTraffic\Sounds2" as there appears to be some type of sound conflict.  You won't get any sound but at least it will run.


Notes for buyers:


Get the Quick Start guide below which includes installation and setup instructions:

Get the World Traffic Technical Manual below:
Technical Manual

See the excellent video tutorial on installation and setup here by Captain K-Man:
Video Tutorial


Get the World Traffic 3 installer for the PC using the link below.  Extract the installer from the zip file and run it.  The Mac version will be coming shortly with the linux version to follow in a few weeks.

Installers (Windows Only!):

WT3 Installer
- The full installer for WT 3.1.2
WT3 Updater - Run this to update to WT 3.1.2 only if you already have any previous version of WT3 installed.  See release notes below for changes.

Zip Files for Mac or Linux (or Windows if you're having problems with the Windows installer or updater or bogus complaints from virus scanners):

WT3 Full Package - Read the read_me.txt file for installation instructions.  
WT 3.1.2
WT3 Update - Downlaod this to update to 
WT 3.1.2 if you have any previsou version of WT3 installed.   Read the read_me.txt file for installation instructions.

As these files are freeware developed by others and converted by Chopinet to work with World Traffic, so I am not able to include them in the installer. After installing WT3, download the real route files here:

Put the two folder into the "Xplane/ClassicJetsimUtils/WorldTraffic/RouteFiles" folder.


Now, download all of the 3rd party aircraft object and textures using the below links for now until they appear in the download section.  

Also get the update patches here:

Aircraft Patches

Most of these planes have new animations so make sure you get them.  The .obj, .wt0, and .dds, and .png files in the AircraftObjects folder go here:
The .txt files in the AircraftTypes folder go here:
More aircraft updates including military planes will be coming soon
Aircraft Credits:
Please remind me if I've used a plane of yours or a skin so I can add you to this list.  Your efforst are really appreciated, WT would be nowhere without all of these planes.

Release Notes (see bug/feature list here for desrcription of bugs):   Bug/Feature List

3.0.1 - Added support for new serial number key
3.0.2/3.0.3 - Bug fixes to read serial number key correctly if there was no carriage return at the end of the line
3.0.4 - Bug fix for bug #3 - ground routes were not being generated for some airports and could only be generated a few times in a row before not working

3.0.5 Changes

3.0.6/3.0.7 Changes
3.0.8 Changes 
3.0.9 Changes 
3.0.10 Changes 
3.0.11 Changes 
3.0.12 Changes
3.0.13/14/15 Changes  - 3.0.15 - fixes the pause problem in 3.0.14
3.1.2 Changes  
This is a major update with some cool new features.  The manuals have all been updated so make sure to check out the applicable sections in the quick startup guide and the technical manuals.  First off, lots of code oprtimization has been done so that the AFRE_Real_Traffic region can now be used to provide real flight schedules without performance problems like the stutrers.  I'd recommend using this over the AFRE Thurrsday region or auto-generated traffic except for places in Asia and Africa where real flight schedules are missing lots of flights.

When using the AFRE_Real_Traffic region, now all aircraft positions can be determined precisely so you won't see incorrect planes parked at gates, planes being swapped out for others or appearing at empty gates if the airport layout is setup correctly.  You will now see planes parked as expected based on the real world flight schedules.  Since all AFRE flights have an aircraft tail number, the plane will land, park at a gate and the next departing flight with that same tail number will leave from the same gate.  Aircraft setup will take longer when you are creating flights as WT needs to look at every aircraft in the created flights to determine if the plane is in flight or to determine what airport it should be parked at.  You can still use auto-generated flights if you don't care about any of this and don't want to wait for aircraft positions to be determined.  

A description of the other new changes is below: