World Traffic 3 New Features and Bug Fixes

Release Notes:


Cargo routes are now functional.  Add these lines to a ground route to say that the ground route is for a cargo flight


All of the ICAO operators and operator ICAO codes in the aircraft have been changed to specify the normal operators instead of the derivate cargo operators (ie KLM instead of KLM_C).  It was never a good idea anyway.

The new XP11 apt.dat spec is supported so you can read operators, size class and I think there was something else.  Any parking spot with a gate gets automatic push-back waypoints added.  There is a gate assignments UI which I'm working on that lets you override that and operator or lets you pick a specific plane and you can pick initial push back distance, turn angle and secondary push-back distance.  For parking you can specify NOSEWHEEL as before along with DOOR to have the plane park along side a jetway with its door next to the jetway.  You can specify DOOR2 as well if you want the plane to park with it's second door along side the jetway for those big planes that have 2 doors in front of the wing.

Plane now track the ground route much better, way less overshoot.  You can send a plane into a 135 degree turn even if you want at 20 knots and it should turn early enough to roll out on the correct track without overshoot.  Takeoff distance is determined by aircraft weight and airfield altitude.  Fuel is loaded onto a plane based on it's flight distance so planes flying a short distance will take off at fairly steep angles compared to aircraft flying to a location closer to its max range.

Aircraft have lots of updated animations.  All the Boeings and Airbuses have slotted flaps so that they don't drop off the wings.  The 757 and 767 have completely new wings with much better looking flaps, slats, spoilers and have added ailerons.  A lot of planes have animated elevators, rudders and roll spoilers added.  I added a lot of missing thrust reversers too.  I created a lot of new lit textures since the windows never seem to be quite in the same locations from plane to plane and it was bugging me having the lit windows mostly off-center.  A lot of Boeings have this fix, but not the Airbuses.

To generate ground routes, go the X-Plane plugins - World Traffic - Flight Planning and Autogen menu.  Ground routes will be generated on resynch automatically for your departure and arrival airports once you have flight plans existing for these airports or you autogen them.  There is a separate button at the bottom that lets you generate ground routes for the airport of your choice.  Flight plans are generated only using OpenFlight data at this time but the airport definition file and region files will also be used for smaller airport with no OpenFlight data and to augment OpenFlight data with extra GA or military traffic.  That part was dying today so it's all commented out for now.

The slider for max flights set the max number of flights that can be generated.  The traffic density slider (not yet functional) sets traffic density to the specified percentage of what is normal for that airport.

WT3a2 and WT3a3

Minor bug and stabiliity fixes


Added the World Traffic - Parking Assignments menu and changed a bunch of ground route autogen and aircraft ground handling code.  I've also included some aircraft definition files to identify military aircraft as such.  Not that it's too important an option since military aircraft have specific military operator names, but I added the military option to keep it consistent with X-Plane.

When you're testing ground routes, after you select a ground route to test, use the track camera to view the plane either arriving or departing.  You must generate ground routes first from the flight planning menu before any Parking Assignments get defined.  After that you can edit the parking assignments and re-generate the affected ground routes.  Any existing autogen ground routes should probably be deleted first since I changed the file name format a bit to make file name lengths the same to make finding and deleting files easier.


This time I fixed a couple of resynch bugs and added a field called IATA_Alternate in the aircraft definition file.  It's an alternate IATA aircraft name to make matching of OpenFlight names with WT aircraft names work better.  For example for all the CRJ aircraft in OpenFlight, they just use the IATA identifier CRJ.  In the WT files, the IATA names are CR2, CR7, etc.  They now have an alternate IATA name of CRJ which is used to match with the OpenFlight name if the normal IATA name is not found.  

The Traffic Density Slider is now operational as well.  Set to 100% to generate the estimated number of real flights at the airports or move it back to cut down on number of flights.


This adds support for tabular flight plans.  Copy the "CargoFlightsTabular" folder to the "Xplane/ClassicJetSimUtils/WorldTraffic/RouteFiles" folder.  When you start X-Plane, just enable that new region and the Fedex flights will all get loaded for matching arrival/departure airports after your resynch.  I made one mod to the file.  You have to put START_TABULAR and END_TABULAR around the data to parse.  I forgot to modify the other files you sent.

Other changes:

It's nice have the tail numbers now in the flight plans.  Now when you resynch, that aircraft will only be loaded for the correct flight segment.  When the plane lands at an airport it will park at whatever appropriate gate is available.  When another flight plan starts with that same tail number, the same aircraft is used.  So if you wanted to, you could follow one of the Fedex flights with the same tail number from airport to airport over the period of a week.  


Changes include:


- Airport Operations Changes:
    - Allow the user to specify in the Airport Operations file the specific number of flights for each
       operator per day and for each aircraft type in case the estimation is way off.  See the attached
      Airport Operations file for CYQR for the new fields.
    - Allow setting of percentage of gates used which overrides the value set by the slider in the
      Flight Information window.

- Ground Route Changes
    - set Military in Ground route file to 2 to allow selection of either civil and military aircraft, 1 for
      Military only and 0 for Civil only
    - set Cargo in Ground route file to 2 to allow selection of either cargo or non-cargo aircraft, 1 for
      cargo aircraft only, and 0 for non-cargo aircraft only so a gate can be shared for various ac types.

- Aircraft Definition Changes (see CC-150.txt as an example)
    - Added new field for OperatingRegion - for extra GA and military flights being added to an airport, the
      operating region is checked in the aircraft definition file to the region of the airport.  If they match
      that aircraft can be used.  If the field is not defined in the aircraft definition file, that aircraft
      can be used anywhere.
    - Added new field for Home Bases - for extra GA and military planes being added to an airport, if some
      airports are entered in the HomeBases field, the aircraft flights will be generated to and from these
      airports.  This is especially useful for visiting miliary aircraft.

- STAR approach changes:
    - When the STAR ends above an airport, set the last elevation to the highest approach elevation plus 1000 feet.
    - For STARs that end above an airport, only end it when heading towards the arrival runway and within 15 NM of
          the airport and then find an approach.
    - For STARs that end above an airport, fly to the end if the plane needs to turn around and land.
    - Don't use a STAR on resynch if the first STAR waypoint is further away than the airport, find an approach
    - last STAR waypoint alt shouldn't be lower than first approach waypoint alt - must check approaches and STARs
      to same runway when configuring STAR waypoint alts

- Approach changes:
    - When on approach, set end of route to true when about to intercept the runway center line to end the turn
          circle so planes land without swerving back and forth.
    - Fix for resynch aircraft so planes never go backwards to the first approach waypoint
    - Have planes follow current heading to intersect runway heading on approach instead of turning in the opposite
          direction to get onto a final heading further out from the runway... solves planes turning right landing on
          runway 33 at LICR and heading into mountains.
    - made speeds faster for smaller aircraft starting approaches as they don't need to slow down until closer to
          the runway.
    - don't allow planes to head to final approach waypoint when finding a navigraph approach as it might have to
       go through the mountains to get there... head for at least the 2nd last approach waypoint
    - when ending a STAR pick the smallest turn angle when determining which direction to enter an approach if the
      two route distances are close to the same for either direction (CW or CCW entry).

Flight Plan Generation using Open Flight Data
    - Number of flight plans generated for an operator depend on number of OpenFlight routes defined and the
      connecting airport sizes.  But use the specific values set in the airport operations file if the user
      wants more accurate numbers.

Flight Plan Generation using derived data
    - GA and military traffic are added to an airport if ground routes exist for these aircraft types.  The more ground
      routes that exist, the more flight plans will be created allowing about 3 or 4 flights per day per parking
      spot.  If no ground routes exist for military aircraft for example, no extra flight plans will be generated
      for them.

    - on resynch put departing planes on SIDs or on a path on the runway heading so they don't all start over top of airport
    - also space aircraft out on the departure using a resynch queue for each runway so planes have adequate separation.
    - don't put AI planes at gate that user is parked on... have user have a gate assigned to them at startup and release it
      when more than 100m away.

ATC Changes
    - automatically detect which gate the user is at so he doesn't have to select that from ATC menu
    - publish aircraft telemetry datarefs to DataRef tester plugin so Pilot2ATC can read them

Misc changes:
    - Add more ground collision avoidance so planes during approach and landing will avoid the terrain and when planes
      are enroute, they will fly at least 500 feet above the highest terrain elevation on their flight path between
    - End time for flight on resynch should not put plane at end of STAR... subtracted 6 min from time so if plane is > 6
        min from arrival it's parked
    - Reset m_slowToSpeed back up to 1000 if it hasn't been set in the last 10 seconds.  This wasn't being done and planes
        on departure behind other planes were permanently slowed to something like 230 ktas and as the alt got high, the ind
        speed got way too and planes were flying with flaps extended
    - Don't load flight if destination airport can't be found in X-Plane.
    - Fixed bugs to support unique liveries.
    - don't turn off logo lights until shortly before cabin lights get turned off
    - for GA planes, only turn on landing lights when landing, not when below 10,000' like for airliners
    - Update arrivals/departures data when generating/loading flights or when doing a resynch and don't change the cursor
      position back to the first line unless all new flights are being generated.

WT3a9 / WT3a10

- Minor bug fixes